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But make it fashion

the Classic Crocs Sandal .

Crocs two strap Slide.

Crocs and Highsnobiety joined forces with 5 artists to curate
their own scenes with the new Classic Crocs Sandal, using it as
a canvas for self-expression.

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Donut Jibbitz.
Alien Jibbitz.
Shook Jibbitz.
Cherry Blossom Jibbitz.

Curate your own pack of Jibbitz™ charms and
speak your piece.

Tell your story . Meet our creators.
Crocs presents, Curated by. Crocs presents, Curated by.
Rico Nasty with Crocs two strap slide.

Rico Nasty, American rap star, songwriter and
singer, used her temperamental nature as
inspiration. Rico’s concept of “Nasty vs. the
World” is an expression of her nature. ‘To be
honest, I can be moody and mean,’ she explains.
‘I’m not perfectly one way or the other.

Shook Jibbitz.

"To be honest, I can be moody and mean,"
she explains.
"I’m not perfectly
one way or the other."

Rico Nasty Collage. Rico Nasty Collage.
Kemio with Crocs two strap slide.

Model and Japanese YouTube star Kemio’s
concept is heavily inspired by a fictional punk
rock band from a Japanese manga. “My alter
ego is shy and quiet…” he explains.

“Everybody knows Crocs are super
comfortable, so I’ll wear
them around the
apartment, to walk my dog, or do some

grocery shopping. Crocs can honestly fit
with any outfit.”

Kemio Collage. Kemio Collage.
MLMA with Crocs two strap slide.

Korean rapper and visual artist MLMA reimagines
her pair of curated Crocs as a pair of twin villains.
“The villains do all my bidding and are essentially
strong characteristics and attributes split into

Graffiti Crocs Jibbitz.

“When I go to the airport, or anywhere
I need to be super
comfortable, I wear
them. Especially the Jibbitz™ charms. They

look really cool together with my loud

MLMA Collage. MLMA Collage.
Victor Ma with Crocs two strap slide.

Chinese-American artist Victor Ma ended up with
his otherworldly Crocs concept that begs the
question, “Are we all aliens?” due to his curiosity
about the universe and the existence of humans.

Rocket Jibbitz.

“I was made fun of in middle and high
school for wearing
Crocs. They were hot
pink Crocs and I wasn’t really
much about it at the time. I just thought
they were
comfortable and the dopest

Victor Ma Collage. Victor Ma Collage.
BeaBaDooBee with Crocs two strap slide.

Filipino-born British singer-songwriter
Beabadoobee created a concept that captures
the spirit of female empowerment and hopes to
inspire other young girls coming of age.

“I honestly think you can style Crocs
with anything
if you put your mind to

BeaBaDooBee Collage. BeaBaDooBee Collage.